townhouse builder

Families in Melbourne are embracing high density living with enthusiam. As a result, in recent years, there has been an increase in demand for townhouses to be built.

Where two houses (or sometimes more) are built on the same block they are called townhouses. They are a great way for people to utilise a large block of land that only has one house on it, by knocking it down and building two identical homes. Townhouse living is also seen as a great low maintenance lifestyle. No weekends spent tending to a large garden!

By building two identical homes you can save on building costs. It is also one of the best ways to unlock the wealth held with the land you own.


There are many reasons to consider building townhouses on your Melbourne property. These include:

  • Living in a brand new townhouse
  • Renting /selling the other townhouse
  • Saving costs when building
  • Making better use of a large block of land

Being a family owned company, we understand that knocking down your existing home and building two or more townhouses, is one of the biggest investment decisions you will ever make. This is especially true if you want to live in one of the townhouses. You will want your townhouses to be built to a high standard, on time and within budget. Moving in and enjoying your new low maintenance lifestyle, while renting or selling the other townhouse is the goal. That’s why we work with you through the whole process, to take the stress out.

We think of ourselves as a boutique builder offering affordable homes to families across Melbourne. We don’t compromise on quality. This means you end up with a home that reflects your values and lifestyle.

We work with your existing architectural plans to quote the overall cost to construct your townhouse. Once our quote has been accepted, get our a team of highly qualified and talented tradespeople to build your home. As well as building townhouses, we have the expertise to build units along with single and double storey homes.