Extend your living space with a pergola. With pergolas coming in many designs, it means you can have one built that complements both your home and lifestyle.

Pergolas, unlike verandahs, can be stand alone garden features. They are a great solution when you want to have an outdoor entertaining room away from your main room. For example, next to your swimming pool or spa.

However, pergolas can also be attached to your home. They usually have an open air roof but can have a solid roof to protect you and your family from the weather. This includes hot summer days or cold wet winters that Melbourne is famous for.

As part of our service we sit down with you to discuss the options available for your new outdoor space. By doing this, you are able make the best decision possible about the design of your new pergola, based on your lifestyle, space available and of course your budget.

Importantly, our pergolas are designed and built to last. This means you know you will be enjoying your pergola with family and friends for many years to come.